Sustainability Compass

Scale your business responsibly with a bespoke strategy that balances people, planet and profit.


As a small business, you recognise that we are facing a climate emergency.

And you also know that customers are more switched on than ever when it comes to buying from sustainable, ethical businesses. Gone are the days of buying without a second thought. Todayโ€™s consumers want transparency from brands or theyโ€™ll go elsewhere.

The chances are you’ve heard of terms like climate positive, net zero carbon and science-based targets but you’re not exactly sure what they mean or how they relate specifically to your business.

Youโ€™re fully committed to implementing change within your business to create a positive impact on people, planet and profit but where do you start?

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone.

The sustainability message has become very convoluted but the good news is the Sustainability Compass is designed to simplify it. Together, we’ll get under the skin of your business to bring you clarity and a clear direction for your business to grow sustainably, consciously and intentionally.

The Sustainability Compass is for you if:

๐ŸŒ You’re a small or medium sized business ready to scale but you want to be sure you have the right processes in place to keep your values and mission in sight as you grow


๐ŸŒ You believe there is a better way to do business with a focus on more than just profit


๐ŸŒ You want to embed sustainability and ethics in all that you do


๐ŸŒYou need an effective strategy that will be simple to manage, as well as reduce costs and enhance your reputation


๐ŸŒ You’d love to communicate a confident sustainability message to your clients


๐ŸŒ You’re prepared to take action and are committed to making a positive impact


๐ŸŒYou want clarity on how to implement and maintain your strategy as you grow

In as little as 12 weeks we’ll work together to cover:


Let’s take a closer look at your business to ensure your action plan is aligned with your brand mission, budgets, business priorities, values and long term goals.


The impact assessment will take a holistic view of your business operations to identify activities that have a social or environmental impact as well as highlighting quick wins and longer term projects.


For change to happen, no matter the size of your business, itโ€™s crucial that everyoneโ€™s on the same page. Iโ€™ll support you through discovery sessions with all key departments in your business.

Engagement is a critical part of implementing any sustainability strategy.


Within 3 weeks I will issue you with a full report, highlighting key recommendations for improving your environmental and social performance and providing a simple and practical Action Plan for implementing these changes.


To ensure you hit your targets, the final stage of the process is a follow up session so you can feel confident you have all the tools and are clear on how to implement your Action Plan. Getting clear on your plan will help you focus your efforts in the right areas and avoid overwhelm.


I will provide you with editable templates to support you in carrying out your action plan. Depending on your specific actions, support templates might include supplier questionnaires, an environmental targets tracker or a communications plan to be sure you’re sharing your achievements and attracting clients that share your values.

If you’re specifically interested in becoming a certified B Corporation or getting ISO 14001 certification, check out the Certifications page for more info.

By the end of our time together you will have an action plan in place to create a sustainability strategy that:


๐Ÿงญ Saves your business money

๐Ÿงญ Increases resource efficiencies

๐Ÿงญ Reduces your environmental impact

๐Ÿงญ Boosts customer loyalty and trust

๐Ÿงญ Attracts and retains the top talent in the marketplace

๐Ÿงญ Attracts clients that align with your values

๐Ÿงญ Helps you stand our from the competition

๐Ÿงญ Communicates a confident and consistent sustainability message

You’re then ready to implement the recommendations yourself or we can discuss additional support options during your review call.

I understand that it can feel quite daunting getting started but it doesn’t need to. Get in touch for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your sustainability goals.

Working with Nancy is an eye opening experience.

You don’t just look at how to reduce waste from the aspect of using less paper or plastic, but in terms of your in-house processes, suppliers and their sustainable practices as well as what other options you may (or may not) have.

Nancy does not shame. She understands that some industries or processes are going to be CO2 heavy and so then looks at how you can at least off-set that.


Co-Founder, The Typeface Group