The Sustainability Strategy Package with True Horizon

The six-month mentoring partnership to help SMEs scale responsibly and balance purpose with profit



Under a scenario with 1.5°C of warming above preindustrial levels by 2030, almost half of the world’s population could be exposed to a climate hazard related to heat stress, drought, flood, or water stress in the next decade, up from 43 percent today

Source: McKinsey, Protecting people from a changing climate: The case for resilience

  • Do you want to back up your sustainable values with real action and change?

  • Are you sick of umming and ahhing every time a client or stakeholder asks you about your environmental commitments? 

  • Are you ready to stop muddling through it alone and weave sustainability into your everyday decisions with 1:1 expert guidance?

The Sustainability Strategy Package is designed to get you there.

Tell me: is this where you’re at right now?

  • You set up your business to do things differently. But as you grow, you worry about losing sight of your mission and values. 

  • You’re too busy focusing on the practicalities of scaling a business to make sustainability a priority. 

  • You’re considering a certification (e.g. B Corp or ISO 14001), but unsure whether it’s right for your business.

  • You want to take tangible steps to become a more sustainable business. 

  • More and more of your clients and stakeholders are asking about your environmental commitments, but you don’t know how to answer. 

  • You’ve tried DIY sustainability strategies, but you didn’t know how to calculate your carbon footprint or unpick the jargon. 

  • You’ve tried Done for You sustainability strategies, but you couldn’t find a practical way to action the recommendations. 

Yes, I know exactly how it feels to try and raise your voice above the noise. 

There’s a lot of noise in the sustainability space. Trying to figure out the dos and don’ts is a full-time job in itself,

It’s easy to get so preoccupied with what you should be doing that it overwhelms you and winds up at the bottom of your to-do list. 

Don’t let the pursuit of perfection paralyse you. Meaningful change happens one step at a time; there’s no such thing as an overnight quick-fix. Aligning your sustainability initiatives with your business goals takes time, patience and an intimate understanding of the inner workings of your organisation. 

Tick-box pledges or one-size-fits-all strategies won’t cut it for ambitious scale-ups and SMEs who are serious about making a positive impact. You know your business best and need to play a part in shaping your sustainability strategy without feeling overwhelmed. 

The Sustainability Strategy Package is a Done With You model. In six months, we’ll work together to devise a strategy that’s tailored to the needs, goals and values of your organisation. 

The Sustainability Strategy Package

Today you can take the stress out of sustainability and roll out a tailored action plan for sustainable, conscious and intentional business growth. 


  • Communicate a confident and consistent sustainability message 
  • Back up your plans and pledges with actions and changes 
  • Attract clients who are aligned with your values and morals
  • Respond confidently to project bids
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors 
  • Devise strategies that save your business money 
  • Attract and retain market-leading talent 

And this is how we’re going to do it. Inside this mentorship, we’ll cover six key areas in six months.

Create Alignment

Sustainability doesn’t work as an optional extra; it must run through your business like a stick of rock. We’ll take a closer look at your business to align your strategy with your brand mission, budgets, business priorities, values and long-term goals.

Understand how to calculate your carbon emissions (training)

You’ve probably been encouraged to calculate your carbon footprint, but how do you do that? And how do you make sure it’s accurate? I’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to demystify the process. 

Collate data to calculate your carbon emissions 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Together, we’ll calculate your emissions and crunch the data to develop a clear reduction plan backed by the numbers. 

Understand stakeholder requirements

Put simply: who cares? Whether it’s employees, clients or potential investors, you need to understand the groups who have a vested interest in your performance. Only then can you align your strategy with what’s expected of you. 

 SOAR Analysis

SOAR stands for strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results. Together, we’ll create a vision for where you want to get to and the results you want to achieve.

Build your 12-month plan

Now it’s time to build a roadmap for the next 12 months and beyond. The goal here is manageable, step-by-step actions that will get you to where you want to be without the overwhelm. 

If you’re done with treating sustainability as an afterthought and ready to devise a workable strategy that balances purpose and profit, let’s get to work.

Don’t need full strategy support but would like some help understanding your carbon emissions? I can get you set up with partner company, Compare Your Footprint, to calculate emissions, set targets and measure improvements with expert 1:1 guidance or simply DIY by using the link below to take advantage of my discount code (referal fee paid to True Horizon).


Nancy has provided incredibly useful support as we scale our business and place ESG at the centre of our operational infrastructure.

Dan Silverman

Co-Founder, Spacemade

I created The Sustainability Strategy Package for you because you believe that ‘purpose’ is more than a platitude. 

You want your business to be a force for good, but you’re just missing the expert insights and guidance on how to put those goals into plans and plans into action. 

Sure, you can go it alone – but the in-depth, 1:1 support you’ll receive in The Sustainability Strategy Package will give you the exact blueprint you’ll need to build a business that balances purpose with profit. 

And who wouldn’t want that?



You genuinely care about the impact your organisation has on people and the planet. But as you handle the many demands of scaling a business, your sustainable commitments may have taken a backseat. 

I’m here to empower you to take control of your sustainability strategy. With my 1:1 mentorship, we’ll get crystal clear on a roadmap that works for your budgets, activities, values, and plans. If you don’t know the answers, we’ll find them together. 

By the end of the mentorship, you’ll know how to build a sustainable business – with or without certifications. You’ll understand every aspect of your strategy and have the confidence to continue alone, hire an in-house sustainability advisor, or outsource elements of your strategy when the time is right.


You want to make a positive impact, but you don’t know how to put those plans into action. While certification may not be on the cards right now, you want to take practical steps towards being more sustainable in your daily operations. With my 1:1 support and guidance, we’ll get under the skin of your business to clarify what you need to do and how. 


After 10+ years of experience in the sustainability industry developing CSR and ESG strategies for large corporations, I founded True Horizon to meet a demand in the market: support for conscious SMEs ready to scale and make a positive and demonstrable impact


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